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Past Presidents (Profile)

The Philippine Society of Hospital Pharmacists is considered one of the most prestigious pharmaceutical associations of the country. Its success can be attributed to the leadership and dedication of its past presidents. For this reason, PSHP takes time to remember with pride, the personalities, who will always be remembered for their significant contributions to the Society and for paving the way for what hospital pharmacy practice is today.

capistrano tanDr. Rosario Capistrano Tan

The moving spirit & the first president of the PSHP was Dr. Rosario Capistrano Tan, a former hospital pharmacist & college professor. As quoted from Dr. Tan during the 1962 PPhA Convention, "The prime objective of the PSHP is to raise the standards of pharmacy in general & of hospital pharmacy in particular. I know that this is a hard task & a great challenge, but with the cooperation of every member, and the guiding hand of our adviser, Prof. Jose Gallardo, there is nothing impossible under the sun. We will work hard & try our best to prove the saying that in hospital pharmacy lies the future of professional pharmacy. 

aguilarMs. Thelma N. Aguilar

While Dr. Tan was abroad, Ms. Thelma N. Aguilar, chief pharmacist of the National Orthopedic Hospital, took over as the president. Ms. Aguilar used her extensive exposure in hospital pharmacy practice abroad to benefit the Society. Besides earning her masters degree and her internship from the State University of Iowa, she completed a four-month apprenticeship in two hospitals in Chicago and Illinois.

villamayorMs. Carmen C. Villamayor

Eventually, Ms Aguilar also left for abroad. Carmen C. Villamayor , chief pharmacist of the Philippine General Hospital was elected as the third president.
Ms Villamayor was a strong proponent of the need for hospital pharmacists to go out & actively participate in the activities of bigger organizations such as the Philippine Pharmaceutical Association (PPhA) & the Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Association (FAPA). Such involvement was encouraged in order for hospital pharmacists to grow professionally.

maglayaMs. Lydia G. Maglaya

Ms. Lydia G. Maglaya from the Family Clinic assumed the fourth presidency. Consequently, she was reelected for four terms. Ms. Maglaya strongly advocated the interdisciplinary approach to healthcare. She believes that hospital pharmacists must work closely with the nurses and doctors.
In line with her goal to make PSHP members better drug consultants, she pushed for the holding of regular seminars. Prominent medical & pharmaceutical practitioners were invited to speak about the various roles of a pharmacist in the hospital setting in these seminars.

antonioMs. Consuelo A. Antonio

During the incumbency of Ms. Consuelo A. Antonio, the PSHP was able to expand its membership. It was able to establish linkages in the provinces and eventually formed its chapter affiliates. This was possible with the help of Dean Eladio M. Tinio, vice president at large & chairman of the Continuing Education program of the PPhA. This campaign drive to invite more members from the provinces was known as the Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao Membership Expansion Program.

coDr. Siopin L. Co

Dr. Siopin L. Co, will always be remembered for successfully working for the professional growth of the PSHP & its members. She created a structured framework for the continuing pharmacy education programs, where no less than four symposia are held yearly with distinguished personalities and experts as speakers. Foreign speakers are invited to grace national conventions held every 5 years to celebrate the anniversary of the society.

Dr. Co is a strong advocate of clinical pharmacy. She believes that pharmacists are responsible for the provision of pharmaceutical care. To assume this new responsibility, pharmacists must be retrained to adapt new principles and acquire new skills in drug therapy management and monitoring. She has integrated this need in most of the CPE seminars held by the PSHP during her term.

Her dedication to the advancement of the hospital pharmacy practice earned Dr. Siopin Co the title of "Dean of Hospital Pharmacists". Indeed, she has the credit of uplifting the practice of hospital pharmacy in the country. 

leyesaMs. Normita D. Leyesa

Ms. Normita D. Leyesa first assumed the position of executive secretary of PSHP in 1984. Her dedication has won the respect and admiration of her colleagues. Since then, she has been re elected several times as a member of the Executive Board. Finally, in 1999, she assumed the role of president of the Society until 2005.

Foremost on the programs of action of Ms. Leyesa is the strengthening of the linkages with its provincial chapters. She promoted closer ties with all provincial members by reaching out to them. It was during her term when PSHP started to conduct at least one symposium outside the Metro Manila area every year. A provincial chapter will be invited to host a seminar with the support of the national chapter of PSHP.

Ms. Leyesa established strategic alliances with other healthcare organizations, as well as with legislative and regulatory bodies. PSHP also undertook the development of an extensive clinical pharmacy-training program.

She believed that dynamism is an important aspect, which allows PSHP to continue its pursuits. Her term supported activities that foster camaraderie and unity with everyone.

Her unparalleled dedication and outstanding performance in the pharmacy profession has distinguished her to receive the Most Outstanding Hospital Pharmacist Award during the PSHP 40th Anniversary celebration. Ms. Leyesa is indeed a true leader in the profession, a distinguished practitioner, educator, and a servant to the community.

alvarezMs. Violeta P. Alvarez

Ms. Violeta P. Alvarez is the chief pharmacist of University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital Pharmacy Department. Among her ten-point agenda as President of PSHP from 2005 to 2007, is the realization
of PSHP objectives as incorporated in its constitution and by-laws carefully crafted by promote research in areas affecting medications, hospital pharmacy systems and procedures.

Through her initiative and the support of the PSHP officers and board of directors, a two-day intensive seminar-workshop was conducted by prominent UP faculty-researchers cum clinicians, all experts in the field of research. Participants were seventy-two chief pharmacists, assistant chief pharmacists and clinical pharmacists nationwide.

This was followed a year after with the first research contest among hospital pharmacies. Ms. Alvarez firmly believes that utilization of health research projects both in policy-making and in practice will eventually produce health gains and economic benefits.

arguilaMs. Lorelei D. Arguilla

Ms. Lorelei D. Arguilla obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Sto. Tomas. She was the Chief Pharmacist and Administrative Officer and currently, the Medical Records Officer of Capitol Medical Center.

She was a recipient of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Travel Scholarship Grant to the Global Conference on the Future of Hospital Pharmacy and 68th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Basel, Switzerland in 2008.

Highlights of her leadership include the successful celebration of the 50th Anniversary and National Convention of the Society, the acquisition of the PHSP Office in Mandaluyong and the launching of the PSHP Minimum Standards for Hospital Pharmacy.

Her team continued the legacy of providing CPE to pharmacists and these were rolled out to the different chapters with the support of our partners in the industry. Among the modules provided were Cold Chain Management and Antimicrobial Stewardship.

To this date, the initiated projects and activities by the previous presidents are still very much in practice. Every president who has relentlessly served their term on behalf of the PSHP must be acknowledged for their substantial contributions. Each has laid down a brick that now forms a strong structure upon which the PSHP stands for.

The Society is what it is today because of the commitment, dedication and hardships of our mentors and past presidents. We shall be forever grateful to their invaluable contribution to the Society and the profession as a whole. They have established the progression of events, which have led to the hospital pharmacy practice to where it is right now.



Past Presidents of PSHP

Dr. Rosario Capistrano Tan
Ms. Thelma N. Aguilar
Ms. Carmen Carica Villamayor
Ms. Lydia G. Maglaya
Dr. Siopin L. Co
Ms. Consuelo Asuncion Antonio  
Dr. Siopin L. Co
Ms. Normita D. Leyesa
Ms. Violeta P. Alvarez
Ms. Lorelei D. Arguilla